me at concerts: no they're still not real
[Trans] Onew’s Twitter Update 140724 




Shall we go to sleep after laughing?

Credit: skehehdanfdldi
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[5]

Thanks for asking..YES you should go to sleep because every laugh could cause more laughter! and we all know that too much laughter cause death! …so if you start to laugh it’s better if you go to sleep before it’s too late!!

Everytime Onew tweets…


Me: God, he remembers his twitter password!


Because I’m the one who reads your tags~

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" Hooray !! I did it !!! " 
*  To The Beautiful You BTS


" Hooray !! I did it !!! "

*  To The Beautiful You BTS



Checking dubulge. OK.

stop it bae..please just….



Checking dubulge. OK.

stop it bae..please just….

Shinee’s reaction to you fangirling over Big Bang



hey there (:

*hears you fangirling and stops smiling* Oh …

*doesn’t like the way you fangirl about Taeyangs body*

Nope I don’t approve here

Jagi I’m cold .. cuddle with me *tries to get your attention*

But I look better right? *ruffles his hair*

hope you like it (:

SHINee as Composers


Jonghyun: about sad love songs

Onew: about bread

Minho: about llamas

Night and Day


Pairing: Jongyu

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3300 (so much for a drabble)

Anonymous said:

Jonghyun asleep in the day, wide awake all night, quietly walking the city. Onew studiously the opposite. The night that Onew’s curiosity gets the better of him.

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I believe this is what Onew’s after sex face would look like. 


I believe this is what Onew’s after sex face would look like. 

♡☞✃ Onkey :D


(based off of this amazingly adorable fanart by niquels ;o;)

"Your cheekbones look great," Kibum said, tilting Jinki’s head from side to side and assessing his work. Jinki’s eyes were still closed, lips parted slightly and eyelashes long over his skin with the light mascara Kibum used.

"My face feels heavy," he muttered. His eyes blinked half-open and Kibum grinned, rubbing his cheeks and smacking them a few times.

"What are you doing?" Jinki asks indignantly.

"Blending," Kibum answers, although he’s really just teasing.

Jinki grumbles and Kibum hands him a mirror. “Wanna see?”

The older man takes it, appraising himself suspiciously. His hair is still pulled back with a clip so it didn’t get in the way during the session, something Kibum is finding he likes more than he should.

"It’s…different," Jinki says, tracing the lines of his sculpted brows.

"It’s okay if you don’t like it." Kibum leans in further, already positioned between Jinki’s legs and so, so close to his pouting lips. His hand grasps Jinki’s and Jinki looks up at him with eyes that appear wide and sparkling because of the highlights of colour spread over his lids. "Thank you for letting me do this."

"Yeah, no problem," Jinki breathes, and Kibum tips his head so they can fit glossy mouths together, slight moans echoing between them.

They’ve only done this a few times before, but it’s growing harder and harder to resist. Kibum is aware he’s falling for the man—it probably shouldn’t be happening, but no one is complaining. These half-dates are turning into more and more; they’re growing closer and closer so naturally.

Jinki drops the mirror and holds Kibum’s other hand. He squeezes both palms at the same time. His barrette flops forward and bumps Kibum’s head when their kisses grow deeper and Kibum presses towards him.

"You should stay over tonight," Kibum says when he pulls back for a few seconds and then kisses Jinki once more.

"Okay," Jinki says softly. He’s probably thinking Kibum wants sex, though that’s not his intention. If it happens now, it happens now, but all he’s concerned with at this moment is making sure their hands can stay entwined and their lips can touch in the morning over coffee.


lies down on my knees in honor of those arms



Jinki is Illegal.

The way his hair moves. It’s illegal.

The way his thighs are just … there. It’s illegal.

His tongue and smile and his existence is illegal.