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[JongYu; PG-13] “If At First You Don’t Succeed”


side pairings: bff!onkey, bff!jongtae
genre: hot librarian au, romance, humor
length: one shot ― 1,623~ words
warning: if you read the other installations, you already know by now.

a/n: this entire au dedicated to darling cassie, who wrote this first.
also this is a super-late b-day fic for jjong (happy belated birthday!!)

Jinki’s grip tightens on the wheels, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

“What are you guys doing?” he asks, staring pointedly at the college students situated in a rather compromising position between the shelves. The guilty party jump apart immediately, their eyes wide with guilt at being caught.

“N-Nothing,” the girl replies, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand, hair a mess and face flushed red.

“I sure hope so, especially if it’s going on in my library,” Jinki responds curtly, giving them both a pointed look. The guy won’t even look Jinki in the eyes, finding the ground between his converses much more interesting. Sighing, Jinki says, “I’ll let you guys off with a warning, but I’m going to ask you both to leave. I better not see either of you in the library for at least a week, okay?”

The two nod in acquiesce immediately, rapidly escaping Jinki’s watchful stare as they bolt out of the library. Jinki is shaking his head in disappointment when a familiar voice startles him.

“It’s funny that you would scold them for this, considering what we were doing here three days ago.”

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Can i sent prompt where Jinki work at the cafe. And he met Minho that suddenly ask him marry. Jinki think minho is a weirdo. And Minho always come to the cafe to flirt


Sorry for not write for you yesterday, but here it is. I hope you like.

(^ ں ^)



Kibum looked up when the ring bell rang indicating that another customer had arrived and laughed when he saw who it was.

"Hey Jinki." he whispered poking the ribs of the older man.

Jinki hissed and gave a look of death for Kibum, he was almost spill all the coffee that he was preparing for a customer.

"What?" he asked between his teeth as he finished puts the cover on the cup and then turned smiling and handing coffee to the customer.

Kibum rolled his eyes. “Look who’s here.”

Jinki’s smile flinched as he looked at the person in front of him.

"Hello Jinki-ssi."

"Minho-ssi you came today."

"Of course, I told you Jinki-ssi that I would come every day to see you, didn’t I?"

"Yes you did."

Kibum snorted the other side trying to hold back the laughter and Jinki sighed. “What you want for today?”

"How about a date?"

Jinki moaned. “Hum Minho-ssi, I already told you I’m not interested in having a relationship right now.”

"Why not? What do I have wrong?"

"You have nothing wrong, it’s just…"

"That he doesn’t believe in your feelings for him." Kibum said butting into the talk.

Minho blinked looking at Kibum and now it was time for Jinki poking Kibum’s ribs that only smiled.

"Oh, I got it. Then marry me."

Jinki gasped staring at Minho incredulously. “Wh-what?”

"Marry me Jinki-ssi."

"No, are you crazy?"

"Why not? I like you."

"Because I don’t even know you."

Minho smiled. “So it’s simple, get out on a date with me.”

Jinki groaned and Minho smiled happily.

"I’ll give you time to think, okay? Tomorrow I’ll be back."

"Yah Minho, your coffee."

Minho smiled and took the cup from Kibum’s hand. “Thank you Kibum.”

Jinki turned looking at Kibum.

"What? He comes here every day, I’ve memorized his request."

"It wasn’t for you help him but me."

"Oh, please. I am helping you."

"To go out in a date with him? That guy is weird."

"But he is also hot."

Jinki groaned pinching the bridge of his nose. “For God’s sake, don’t be crazy.”

"And you don’t be stupid, take a chance because a beautiful and hot man like that doesn’t appear everyday. So what if he is a little weird, it’s not like you were normal too."

"Yah Kim Kibum!"

Kibum laughed and ran hiding behind Jonghyun who was hit by a paper cup on his forehead, his luck that it was empty.

Minho goes in for a hair cut expecting to get his normal stylist Key, but then he hears Jinki speak, saying he will be doing his hair, and Minho gets really embarrassed when he can't really have a decent conversation with the man because he's stuttering too much because of how beautiful he thinks JInki is... or something


I hope you like… ( ╹◡╹)  



Jonghyun took his eyes off the television looking at Minho who was putting his shoes. "Where are you going?"

"Get a haircut."

Jonghyun laughed. “At that salon?”

Minho shook his head. “I’m going to cut my hair with Key.”

Jonghyun’s smile faltered and Minho smirked.

"You know Key, hyung?"

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." he muttered turning to television again.

"Yeah right." Minho laughed grabbing his coat and leaving home.


"Can I help you?"

Minho looked around the salon, it was empty except for a woman getting a manicure in a corner.

"I-I made ​​an appointment with Key.”

The boy smiled. “Of course, come this way sir.”

Minho followed the boy and sat in the chair facing the mirror, he tapped his fingers nervously on his thighs lost in thoughts when he heard whispers nervous.

"He’s not here right now, why you didn’t say that to him?"

"I didn’t know that Key wasn’t here, someone told me that he had left? You never let me know of things and then it’s my fault."

Minho turned and looked at the boy and Jinki, another stylist of the salon, that one who couldn’t do things right, the one who always does a client cry, that one who was so beautiful that made Minho stutter like a fucking high school girl.

Jinki smiled brightly and Minho felt his heart beat faster.

"Oh God." he whispered.

"Unfortunately Key is not here now, I… um, I don’t know how it happened, then today who will cut your hair will be me?"


Jinki smiled even brighter. “Great.”

"So, how are you today?" Jinki asked as wet Minho’s hair gently running his fingers over his scalp.

Minho had to make a big effort not to close his eyes. “I-I’m fine.”

Jinki hummed and then when he was pleased he began combing his hair. “I like your hair, it is so soft.”

Minho blinked looking at Jinki from the mirror. Jinki likes my hair? Oh my God.

"Th-thank you, I l-like your t-too."

Jinki laughed as he picked up the scissors and Minho sighed. I like yours, too? What the fuck is that?

"You know Key for a long time? The last time you came here I noticed that you are very comfortable with each other."

"F-For some years, we h-have a mutual f-friend."

"Oh, that’s cool."

Minho nodded and Jinki smiled again as he cut his hair.

Jinki tried to talk to Minho sometimes that just stuttered every answer, it wasn’t his fault he had a crush on Jinki since the day he had set foot there.

At the end Jinki let the scissors fall twice, almost cut off Minho’s ear once and definitely one side was longer than the other, but Jinki’s smile pay all  and definitely Minho will go back there more and maybe one day he could take courage enough to ask Jinki for a date.

OnHo: “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

OnHo: “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

"But you look so good it hurts sometimes"
"But you look so good it hurts sometimes"
Dating Sim Boyfriend C.1 (Onho AU)


R: G
Note: Little introduction to his friends etc. :>

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make me choose: N-mi or Kongsook


can we just talk about how taemin was like major NOPE watching his best friend with second hand embarrassment while the others were dying


can we just talk about how taemin was like major NOPE watching his best friend with second hand embarrassment while the others were dying

SHINee as high school students (2010/09/05 Honey Pot)

2/10 Moments of epic Ondrew